Tree shelters that don’t cost the Earth

Made from British wool
Fully biodegradable, pH and ecotoxicity neutral
Break down to feed the soil and support the ecosystem

We spent four years working with industry experts, researching the most sustainable materials to develop shelters that protect young trees without harming the environment.

NexGen Tree Shelters in sunny woodland

NexGen wool-based tree shelters

We make all our tree shelters, shrub shelters, spiral guards and vole guards from a mix of British wool, a polyol made from ethically sourced cashew nutshell liquid and castor oil, and an innovative custom polymer.

NexGen shelters are:

  • fully biodegradable
  • pH neutral
  • ecotoxicity neutral
  • proven to last five years
  • cost-effective as you don’t need to collect or recycle them

“We want to help mitigate climate change, support the demand to plant trees and reduce the environmental impact of plastic in our countryside.”

Gary Hurlstone, Founder and MD, NexGen Tree Shelters

A viable alternative to plastic

Tree shelters help establish and protect young trees, so they have a vital role in the global drive to create new forests and woodlands. Currently, most tree shelters are made from plastic. At least 700 million plastic shelters have been used in the UK, with some reports saying it could be as many as 2 billion.

We can help you replace the use of plastic tree shelters and nylon cable ties with a viable, environmentally friendly alternative. Our shelters:

  • are fully biodegradable, pH and ecotoxicity neutral
  • break down into CO2, H2O and nitrogen
  • create a nourishing micro-environment
  • let in the right level and spectrum of light to promote healthy plants and strong growth
  • protect young plants from grazing animals and harmful herbicide and pesticide sprays
  • are proven to last five years (depending on location, tree canopy, soil and microbes)
  • need no collection, cleaning or recycling
  • support mosses and lichens that attach themselves to the shelters to help create and sustain rich biodiversity
  • change colour over time to blend into the natural environment, with no loss of performance
NexGen Tree Shelter image showing product detail

After extensive testing, Impact Solutions can confirm that the NexGen unique combination of materials will biodegrade. At around five years, the tree shelters will start to break down, resulting in neutral pH and ecotoxicity, and will become food for micro-organisms.

Steven Burns, Impact Solutions

NexGen. Protect your young trees. Protect the environment.

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