British Wool invests in NexGen

We’re excited to announce British Wool’s investment in NexGen Tree Shelters.

The investment will enable NexGen to commence full production of its eco-friendly tree shelters, which have undergone extensive development and testing since winning the Innovation in Wool award in 2020.

This strategic partnership aims to transition NexGen’s innovative products from development to market, enhancing sustainability, eliminating single-use plastics and driving demand for British wool.

NexGen has committed to sourcing wool through British Wool’s collective marketing scheme. Additionally, British Wool will secure a seat on the Board of NexGen, ensuring close collaboration and alignment of goals.

Andrew Hogley, CEO at British Wool, said: “British Wool is delighted to partner with NexGen and support the company in bringing this innovative, new wool-based product to market.  NexGen tree shelters will take single use plastic out of the environment and have the potential to drive significant demand for undervalued types of British wool over the medium to long-term.”

Gary Hurlstone, Founder of NexGen Tree Shelters, added: “This is an exciting partnership for the company and will allow us to progress to the full production of our innovative products. We have so much interest in the product from a variety of sources and can’t wait to start seeing our British wool tree shelters all over the UK and in international markets.”

This investment not only underscores British Wool’s commitment to sustainability but also promises to create value for its members by opening new markets for British wool. The introduction of environmentally friendly tree shelters marks a pivotal development in sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.

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