NexGen metal ties are now protected by a UK registered design (6265352)

As you may know, we pre-install reusable metal ties on our tree  shelters. They’re a key part of our commitment to protect the environment and remove harmful plastics from the countryside.

NexGen ties are now protected by a UK registered design (UK registered design number 6265352). They’re made of British mild steel and will fully degrade without harming the environment. Plus, they’re quick and easy to undo. The ties have been tested and can be tied and untied at least 19 times before they’re in danger of breaking.

Most tree shelters are secured with plastic zip or cable ties. If you want to move to plastic-free but still have stocks of tree shelters you need to use up, from the autumn you can buy our metal ties direct from our distributors. Because, as Tesco says, every little really does help.

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UK registered design number 6265352

NexGen. Protect your young trees. Protect the environment.

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