NexGen Update September 2022

Thank you for the lovely messages of support we’ve had over the last couple of months and the interest you’ve shown in our tree shelters.

We really appreciate it and look forward to keeping in touch with you all. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we regularly post on LinkedIn and would love to see you there too.

It’s been an exciting time as we prepare for our official launch at the APF exhibition later this month. As you can imagine, there’s been lots going on so without further ado, here’s our latest update.

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We’re delighted to announce that from October 2022, our entire range will come with a 5-year warranty.

We designed the unique material we use in our tree shelters, shrub shelters, spiral guards and vole guards to last for at least five years. Independent tests prove that it does, so we want to recognise this longevity by guaranteeing the performance of all our products.

Therefore, from October, if any of our products lose their integrity before five years, we’ll replace them. We’ll even pay for the labour and replacement trees or shrubs, if needed. As I’m sure you appreciate, this is all subject to our terms and conditions.

Many of you will know Tim Oliver, our Technical Sales Manager. He’s been working in the industry for 20 years and says, “I believe this is a first for our sector and sets a new standard for delayed biodegradable tree shelters.”

Production update

The two new NexGen production lines are in the final stages of commissioning. Tree shelters will be rolling off them in February, followed by spiral and vole guards in March. To keep up with production, we’ll be using 78,000 square metres of wool every month and have been reliably informed this makes us the UK’s fourth largest user of British wool.

Our releasable metal ties

New Metal TieMost tree shelters are secured with plastic zip or cable ties. However, these don’t meet our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of plastic in our countryside. So, to avoid using them, we’ve had metal ties specially designed. Made in the UK from British steel, the ties come attached to the shelters and are releasable for beating up.

Although they start to rust as soon as they’re exposed to the elements, like all our products, they will last for five years. And, being mild steel, they biodegrade without causing environmental harm. (You can watch how they work here)

Our network of UK distributors

We’re delighted that, from this autumn, our entire range will be stocked and delivered across the UK by four distributors: British Hardwood Tree Nurseries, Cheviot Trees, Green-tech and Thorpe Trees.

All these companies are well-known and respected suppliers of sundries to the forestry and landscaping industries. So it makes perfect sense for us to partner with the best in the business, all of who are excited to be carrying the NexGen range of biodegradable tree shelters, shrub shelters, vole guards and spiral guards.

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Finally, as I write, there are only a few days left until APF returns on 22nd September. We’re marking our official launch at the event and have planned an interactive stand. You’ll be able to handle our wool-based, 100% biodegradable shelters, have a go at tying and untying our new releasable metal ties, see our recyclable and compostable packaging and even meet our resident office sheep. We’ll be on stand C5a and hope to see you there.

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Gary Hurlstone
MD, NexGen Tree Shelters

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