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Tree shelters have proven their worth since they were first used in the mid-1980s. They have been shown to increase early growth rate, help establish strong root systems, increase survival rates and protect young trees from harmful herbicides, pesticides and grazing animals.

However, most tree shelters are made from plastic. And of the millions used to date, most are still littering the countryside, causing widespread pollution and creating a collection and recycling headache for landowners and foresters.

Yet, we know we must stop using plastics that harm the environment. And we know we must plant more trees.

Sheep with NexGen tree shelters in the background

Wool: a viable, Earth-friendly alternative to plastic

We make our shelters and guards from:

  • British wool and
  • A biodegradable polyol made from ethically sourced cashew nutshell liquid and castor oil

The wool and polyol are held together by an innovative biodegradable custom polymer.

Because of the materials we use, all NexGen shelters are:

  • fully biodegradable
  • ecotoxicity neutral
  • pH neutral

Yet their performance is as good as plastic, if not better, as they:

  • have been independently tested and proven to last five years (depending on location, tree canopy, soil and microbes)
  • are cost-effective as you don’t need to collect, clean or recycle them
  • create a nourishing micro-environment
  • let in the right level and spectrum of light to promote healthy plants and support strong growth
  • protect young plants from grazing animals and harmful herbicide and pesticide sprays
  • support mosses and lichens that attach themselves to the shelters to help create and sustain rich biodiversity

NexGen tree shelters. Good for the environment. Good for you.

NexGen wool shelters give you a positive news story to share. They can also help you meet your own carbon and sustainability targets. All of this means, when you use NexGen shelters, you can be confident you’re protecting your young trees, your organisation and the environment.

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