Shrub Shelters.

Shrub shelters play an important part when used for hedging and landscaping projects.


  • Rabbits: 0.6m
  • Hares: 0.75m


  • 13cm to 16cm
  • Larger diameters available on request


  • Nested in 4 with 20 in a bundle
  • Metal ties that degrade over time, positioned 40cm from the bottom of the tube to reduce herbicides getting inside the shelter
  • Tie holes set at 40cm to reduce risk of sprays damaging the trees
  • Resistant to water and microbial degradation
  • Flared rim to minimise damage to emerging trees
  • Carefully positioned holes to acclimatise emerging tree
  • Resistant to animal grazing
  • Resistant to herbicides and pesticides
  • Smooth surface to discourage rubbing
  • Split line that allows the tree shelter to break away when required
  • Reinforced double layer that sits against the stake
  • Translucent and optical colour to support photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis
  • Colour: NexGen natural. Variations in shade will occur over time.