Vine Shelters.

NexGen Vine Shelters are a viable alternative to using plastic tree shelters to protect your vines. Research has shown that more and more vineyards are looking to move away from plastic shelters as they endeavour to become organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our vine shelters are made from the same environmentally friendly materials as our tree shelter range.


  • 0.5m, 0.6m, 0.75m


  • 9cm – 11cm


  • Nested in 5 with 50 in a bundle
  • Metal ties, optional
  • Tie holes are placed 10cm from the top rim to allow attachment to a trellis
  • Flared rim top
  • Resistant to animal grazing
  • Resistant to herbicides and pesticides
  • Resistant to water and microbial degradation
  • Split line
  • Optical colour to support photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis
  • Colour: NexGen natural. Variations will occur over time.
Image of NexGen Vine Shelters