The story.

NexGen Tree Shelters was founded by Gary Hurlstone. Gary’s father, Graham, invented the Tubex Tree Shelter in the mid-1980s, which has been the market leader for the last 35 years.

Gary has taken his father’s 35-year old design and updated it so that it continues to be of great benefit when planting trees but breaks down as bug food at the end of its life.

After extensive research and numerous trials, wool proved to be the ideal material to provide the substrate around which the NexGen Tree Shelter range would be built.

Why we use wool

Wool is an underestimated material as it provides the catalyst for the degradation process when exposed to natural elements.

Making wool our primary substrate also gives us an opportunity to prioritise using British materials to help the wider economy. The wool industry has been in decline for many years and we see this as an opportunity to breathe life back into the industry when it needs it the most.

All NexGen products sold in the UK will be manufactured in the UK from British wool.

Tested and verified

We’ve worked closely with foresters, landowners and industry experts when finalising the design of the NexGen Tree Shelters.

Independent verification has confirmed that the individual components are biodegradable. In order to give our customers confidence in our products, we will be applying for ISO biodegradable certification.

Independent weathering certification has confirmed that NexGen Tree Shelters will start to break down after 5 years, depending on location. Also, as the material breaks down the pH and ecotoxicity is neutral.

Our mission

We strongly believe that we can achieve great things with our customers and suppliers when it comes to; the fight against climate change, the increasing demand for timber, the reduction of commercial plastics in our countryside, and support for our sheep farmers when they need it the most.