Trowbridge Museum’s WEFT exhibition

We’re proud to be part of Trowbridge Museum’s WEFT exhibition

From 18th June to 29th October, Trowbridge Museum is once again hosting the West of England Festival of Textiles – or WEFT as it’s cleverly known.

The WEFT is a biennial exhibition celebrating all textile forms. Although the museum focuses on Trowbridge’s fantastic weaving heritage, WEFT presents and exhibits many different textile forms from across the West of England.

This year the theme for WEFT is sustainability to highlight the green approach many creatives now take. The exhibition poses the question, ‘Where do we start, where do we finish?’ to illustrate the cyclical nature of sustainability.

We’re delighted to be included in the exhibition because of our innovative use of wool and in recognition of our support for 1,200 sheep farmers from across the UK.

You can see more information about Trowbridge Museum and the WEFT here.

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