We visit our cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) supplier in India

In May, Gary and Tim went to India to visit Cardolite, our cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) supplier

We’re committed to helping sustain ethical industries through our supply chain. To make sure we’re delivering on this commitment, Gary and Tim recently travelled to India to visit our CNSL supplier, Cardolite Corporation.

The polyol in our tree shelters is derived from mechanically processed cashew nut shells, and we were keen to look closely at Cardolite’s production facility, health and safety record, environmental impact and the general wellbeing of their workforce, including their CNSL suppliers.

Happily, both Gary and Tim were very impressed with the whole set-up. From what they saw, it’s evident that Cardolite’s senior management value the welfare of both their employees and suppliers. For example, every member of staff and their extended family has private healthcare, a doctor is on-site three days a week, and funds are available for employees who have unforeseen financial difficulties.

We’ll visit Cardolite again so we can be sure these high standards are maintained. But for now, we’re confident we’re helping to give cashew nut producers a new market and reduce the use of fossil-based materials.


NexGen visit to India photo montage of people and cashew nuts

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