We’ve been nominated for The Earthshot Prize 2024!

We’re delighted to have been nominated for this year’s Earthshot Prize. Although there’s a long way to go before we find out if we’ve made it to the final (we probably won’t hear until October), being nominated is a significant recognition of what we set out to do with NexGen Tree Shelters: help mitigate climate change by supporting the demand to plant trees while reducing the environmental impact of plastic in our countryside.

The prize recognises environmental solutions that show the greatest potential to scale to achieve the five Earthshots: Protect and Restore Nature; Clean our Air; Revive our Oceans; Build a Waste-Free World; and Fix our Climate.

We know we need to plant more trees to help mitigate the effects of climate change and provide habitats for all sorts of species. Our tree shelters protect young trees so they can thrive into adulthood before breaking down harmlessly into the environment.

We’d like to thank our nominators, The Intellectual Property Works and The CIPA (Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys). It’s going to be an exciting – and tense! – few months.





NexGen. Protect your young trees. Protect the environment.

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